Kota Doria Saree Cluster, Kaithoon, Kota
Cluster Profile
Cluster Name Kota Doria Saree Cluster, Kaithoon, Kota
Implementing Agency Project Completed
Starting Year 2005-06
About the Cluster Kota Doria is a unique hand-woven fabric having a characteristic square-check pattern. The deft weavers of the cluster create it through differential beating of the silk and cotton yarns. Each square of 14 yarns (8 of cotton and 6 of silk) is termed as a ‘‘khat’’, and this is the hallmark of Kota Doria. A total of 300 ‘‘khat’s’ are there across the width of the fabric, which is up to 46 inches due to the usage of a throw shuttle technique on pit looms. Kota Doria is made in many villages located in Kota, Bundi and Baran districts of Rajasthan. However, the oldest and biggest concentration of weavers is in Kaithun, situated about 15 kms. from Kota. The Core Cluster actors can be divided into two broad categories – Weavers and Master Weavers. Kaithun has about 1500 weavers and about 1500 looms. These weavers have their families and the looms living in cramped houses, most of which are kuchha. A typical weaver family would consist of a couple engaged in the weaving activity and the old aged members helping in the other related activities such as warping, winding etc. Weavers take raw materials from the master weavers and give them the finished product. There are 47 Master Weavers working for the cluster. The annual production of Kota Doria is estimated at 82,000 saris at full capacity, i.e. 1500 looms working 200 days and preparation time of 50 days.
Product Group Kota Doria Saree & Dress Material
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