Jaisalmer Stones Cluster, Jaisalmer
Cluster Profile
Cluster Name Jaisalmer Stones Cluster, Jaisalmer
Implementing Agency Project Completed
Starting Year 2006-07
About the Cluster Jaisalmer District comprises total area of 38,401 sq km. This district has an International Boundary in the North and Western part with the Pakisthan International border. This District is situated in between 26. 01 to 28. 02 North and 69. 29 to 72. 20 East axis. Jaisalmer is the base for a wide range of stone carving in the country. The Stone work support over 10,000 labours in the District. There are approx 300 Artisans and 4500 Stone Mining Worker working for the cluster. Our main products are stone cutting and carving. The traditional stone-carving artisans go to mining area and select their raw material. After the blocks mining these stone are sent to the Gang sew machines for the use of under construction buildings.
Product Group Stone Carving
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