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Cluster Name Lac Cluster, Jaipur
Implementing Agency Project Completed
Starting Year Lac Cluster, Jaipur
About the Cluster In Rajasthan lac business is controlled by Lakhera and Manihar Community. In Hindus people engaged in lac business are called Lakhera. In Mohammedans people engaged in lac business are called Manihar. Both Lakhera and Manihar do the same type of work. Jaipur is a hub of this business. About 1200 families in Jaipur are earning their livelihood from this business. These families are engaged in this business since ages. These families have their own furnace dialectically called Bhatti. These families are engaged in making lac bangles. Two persons can work on a furnace. This furnace requires wood coal. The flat metal surface on either side of the Bhatti is heated by the fire in furnace. Here the craftsmen make only bangles of different sizes. On furnace generally male workers plays dominant role and female partner plays helping role. Decoration work on bangles is predominantly done by the ladies. This activity is technically known as Chipai.
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