Kashidakari Cluster, Poogal-Aduri, Bikaner
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Cluster Name Kashidakari Cluster, Poogal-Aduri, Bikaner
Implementing Agency Shanti Maitri Mission, Bikaner
Starting Year 2007-08
About the Cluster Pugal block is one of the biggest clusters of embroidery craft flourishing from time immemorial. Presently there are 2230 artisans engaged in ethnic embroidery work. The art of embroidery is done all over Rajasthan but the finest work comes from Bikaner and Barmer Districts. Work is carried out by the women in Pugal. The welt of stitchery, motif and design is spread on the finished items. The motifs include floral patterns, human & animal figures and abstract designs. The thread used varies from the finest silk to the thickest wool. Often the thread work is combined with glass, sequences and different kinds of stitches. Rich patterns worked in chain stitches are produced. Contrasting colors create a dramatic effect. Geometric forms are balanced against trees, peacocks and other motifs. The colors are traditional and vibrant; yellow, black, red and green being the predominant ones. The technique looks quite simple but it is time consuming and tedious. Embroidery items include all types of women wear, gents kurtas, cushion covers, dress material, bed cover, begs and other items.
Product Group Kashidakari work (Embroidery)

Mobile No.: +91-9166284065, 9414143574
Office No.: +91-1512233574, 1512200325
Fax No.: +91-1512233574, 1512200325
Email Id: smmspugal@rediffmail.com
Website: www.embroideryclusterpugal.com
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