Tie and Die Cluster, Jodhpur
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Cluster Name Tie and Die Cluster, Jodhpur
Implementing Agency Project Completed
Starting Year 2006-07
About the Cluster Bandhini is an ancient, resist-dyeing technique, widely used in the state of Rajasthan. It is also known as Tie and dye. Bandhini is used to design decorative patterns created by skilled artists with the help the dyes. The fabric is tied in intricate patterns with the help of nails, beads or grain. This acts as prevention against seepage of color into the tied areas during dyeing. In Jodhpur Khanda-phalsa, Sivanchi gate, Madairana colony, Teli –basti, Khenadi, Janta colony, Indra colony, Naguri gate, uday mandir, Khaniya , Pratap nagar, bakara mandi are the main centers/pockets for Tie & Dye process Muslim and Kayamkhani casts are mainly involved in this process other then these bhistis and other casts are also involved in this process of Bandhani. Women are mainly in to tying process and helps men in dying process. All these center of tie & dye covers around 1000 artisans and around 1000 have left the trade of Tie & Dye due to low income. Other then this around 260-300 middlemen are there including traders, contractors etc. Presently women get Rs. 25-30 per day. Traders also give loan to the artisans on higher rate of interest and exploit them. There is no any direct linkage between artisans (Tiers- dyers) and retailers & wholesalers.
Product Group Tie and Die work.
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