Stone Art Ware Cluster, Dungarpur
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Cluster Name Stone Art Ware Cluster, Dungarpur
Implementing Agency Jaipur Jila Vikas Parishad, Jaipur
Starting Year 2007-08
About the Cluster Our vision is empowerment of rural poor and improved standards of life for the underprivileged. Our mission is to facilitate sustainable development through participatory, community driven activities. Presently, 170 families are living in Dungarpur city out of which 130 families are working on Stone Art ware. 40 families are into some other professions. Swami Narain temple, which has been included in Guinneese Book as the biggest hindu temple all over the world, the artisans who carved the statues belong to this caste. Some of the artisans are working in other countries to carve statues. The artisans involve themselves till the age of 80 years. All men are working in this stone artware. No ladies are into this activity. The trainer of the artisans get 250 – 300 per day, general artisan get 100 – 125 wages per day.
Product Group Stone Art Ware Products.
Mobile No.: +91-9928015409
Office No.: +91-141-2781826
Fax No.: +91-141-2786340
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